Let's Try This Again

I've had an itch to write lately. And a multitude of photos to post. I'm finally, mostly, settled in Texas. As in, I'm comfortable to call it home, and not feel like a complete outsider. It's taken nearly two years, but I've been travelling and staying in the DC area for about half that time. My travel back to the DC area has finally slowed down, and will slow down even more in 2017. 

I have had a crazy travel schedule, with the worst offender just last fall. I spent most of my weeks from September to February in DC. While it provided me with some amazing photography opportunities, it left me feeling down and out. I think a lot of it had to do with not having a door to the guest room. I have learned how much I value my alone time, and my privacy. Not being with my husband for that time was also rough.

But I am finally back in Texas without any extended travel plans until later this year. I'm trying to fall back into a routine, but that's being broken up with trying to prepare, well ahead of time, for a summer move. Not across the country again! Just down the road a few miles, from our apartment to our new house! 

Summer is going to be filled with some great adventures, and I'm going to make more of an effort to document a lot of it. I am a photographer after all!